The university pays special attention to the issue of employment and the provision of methodological, practical assistance to graduates. After graduating from the university, at the solemn graduation party, along with parting words and wishes, each graduate is given a feedback card. In the feedback card, the graduate, after employment, indicates the address, place of work and position held and sends it to the address of the dean’s office.

Alumni reunions are held every five years. At these meetings, alumni talk and share their impressions about their work.

As part of the “Club of Interesting Meetings”, graduates of different years are invited, where they talk with students in an informal friendly atmosphere about successes, achievements, problems in their profession. They share the secrets of professional activity, what you need to pay attention to during the educational process. These meetings of graduates with students give a big impetus to the qualitative development of their future profession.

In the process of departure of university teachers to various regions of the republic on the issue of career guidance for young people, meetings are organized with graduates in the field. In the departments of culture, teachers also collect information about university graduates working in the region.

To carry out high-quality training of graduates, integrate training with the professional field of activity of future specialists, promote the employment of graduates and track their careers, the Department of Practice and Career operates at KSUAC.

Employment is considered in KSUAC as one of the criteria for the quality of education, as a feedback from the labor market. The analysis is carried out every year and the results are used to evaluate the program.

To organize work with graduates, the KSUAC Alumni Association operates.