Department of Choir Conducting

The department of choral conducting has been functioning since 1967 and is one of the leading ones. The department prepares leaders of amateur academic choirs. In the process of learning, students acquire knowledge in the cycle of major disciplines and practical skills necessary in the activities of a choirmaster.

The teachers of the department improve their educational level in graduate schools, assistantships and FPC. In addition to teaching, they are engaged in research and scientific-methodical work, arrange folk and author’s songs for the choir (K. N. Nurmatov). Brug L.P. published three textbooks that received the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, ten monographs on the work of outstanding choirmasters of the republic. The teachers published articles on the development of choral art in the Heralds of Culture and Arts, in the materials of scientific and practical conferences, in periodicals. For all academic disciplines of the profiling cycle, teachers have developed educational and methodological complexes that allow you to conceptually build the educational process at the department.

The Department of Choral Conducting maintains creative contacts with universities in Kyrgyzstan and Russia, and other CIS countries. Creative relations (concerts) of students of the department with the IUCA (Tokmok, KR) and in military units have become regular. In 2021, the department gave an online lesson-concert for the ASII (Barnaul, Russia). Teachers of the department participate in conferences with reports on issues and trends in the development of choral pedagogy.

During the period of functioning, the department has trained a large number of specialists who now teach in educational institutions in the republic and abroad, lead creative teams.