Department of Cinema and television cameramanship

In 2004, separated from the Department of Cinema, the Department of Television and Radio Broadcasting was formed. People’s Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic Mambetakunov M.M. was appointed head of the department.

This department consists of the following specialties:

  1. Directing television and radio broadcasting
  2. Sound engineering
  3. Cinema operator

Starting from 2018, the Department of Cinema and TV Cameraman was included in the Department of Cinema and TV and produced qualified specialists in the film and television industry.

Graduates of our department work in all TV channels of the republic. Working in the field of cinema, there are also such students who have achieved success in international and republican festivals

Teachers are noted not only for practice, but also give special importance to scientific works. The teacher of the department, People’s Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic Manasbek Musaev wrote the book “Cameramanship” in the Kyrgyz language. We especially want to note the works of T. Mamayusupov, F. Kasmanbetov, who wrote a book called “The Art of Photojournalism Photography”.

Currently, our experienced teachers, starting with the composition of the frame, types of light, methods of photography, teach students how to create feature films, documentaries, television films, programs, serials.