Department of Language and Literature

The department has existed since the founding of the university. Carries out a multifaceted and active activity in the education of young people. The best teachers of the Kyrgyz Republic – associate professor V. I. Ozmitel, professors B. K. Kasymova, K. N. Emikh, S. D. Altymysheva, N. S. Imankulova, senior teachers S. N. Sarpekova, L. P. Melikhova, N. I. Ivashchenko.

Teachers of the Department of Language and Literature conduct the following classes:

  1. Kyrgyz language
  2. Russian language
  3. English language
  4. Kyrgyz literature
  5. Russian literature
  6. World literature

The department has been founded since the opening of the educational institution. In connection with the proclamation of the sovereignty of the Kyrgyz Republic, there was a need for more serious language training (Kyrgyz, Russian, English). When teaching languages, special attention is paid to cognitive and practical tasks: vocabulary, creative, written, explanatory, on the history of the language, individual and group, etc.

The task of Kyrgyz and world literature is to acquaint students with the main stages in the history of the development of Kyrgyz and world literature, to give an idea of ​​the work of outstanding writers, their most significant works. In the process of studying the discipline, students develop the skills of independent thinking, analysis of the work and the ability to express their point of view.

Over the years, Imankulova N.S. has contributed to the development of the Department of Languages ​​and Literature, in addition to her teaching activities, she actively participates in republican, international scientific and practical conferences, trainings, seminars and meetings. In addition, linguistic studies of the Kyrgyz and Russian languages ​​have been made, and a number of textbooks have been published.

The department conducts its teaching and scientific activities professional teaching staff. These are associate professors of the department – N. S. Imankulova, N. Chudobaeva; Candidate of Sciences – M. M. Rasulova; Senior lecturers – G. A. Anarbayeva, S. A. Amanova, B. S. Chekeyeva.

The teachers of the department are engaged in educational activities, participate in various conferences, seminars in order to improve their pedagogical skills. All teachers attend professional development courses annually and upon completion receive certificates of professional development.