Department of Physical Culture

The Department of Physical Education of KGUKI was organized in 1967. The first head the department was Abakarov Arif Mogomedovich, candidate of biological sciences, professor, master of sports in freestyle wrestling. Under his leadership, research work was carried out on topical issues of the “Medical and biological substantiation of the physical education of students of creative universities.” As a result of these works, a monograph was written and a number of scientific articles were published.

Under the guidance of teachers of the department, students are actively engaged in physical culture in the classroom of the university. They successfully participate in city and republican competitions in football, volleyball, chess, national games, as evidenced by the awards and certificates of students for winning prizes. With the help of the rector of KGUKI, a sports ground was equipped and sports simulators for students were installed

Purposeful physical education of people of creative work should contribute to the improvement of the body as a whole and serve to prevent various diseases, in particular, those associated with the human musculoskeletal system.

Teachers of the department make great efforts to involve not only students, but also teachers of employees in sports and recreation activities.