Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines

The department has existed since the opening of the institute since 1967, as a general educational theoretical humanitarian base for the training of highly qualified personnel in the cultural system.

The department has grown significantly stronger and grown during the period when professors Asankulov K. A., Omurzakov S. O., Sadykov A. Zh., Ivakov A. N., Sarkeev Zh. S. and Zhaparov D. S. worked as heads. Among the first the teachers of the department were well-known people in the republic with great pedagogical and methodological experience: associate professors G. A. Voltaire, I. Polyakov, who had high authority among students.

The department, headed during the work of the candidate of philosophical sciences, professor D.S. Zhaparov, did a lot of work to provide the department with scientific and methodological literature and the organization of research work of teachers and students (NIRS).

Professor Zhaparov Durbolon Sydykbaevich had more than 50 years of university teaching experience, was a candidate of philosophical sciences, professor, author of more than 25 methodological developments such as “American Aesthetics”, “The Philosophical Concept of Mankurtism”, “Democracy and Anti-Democracy” and others. He developed a methodology for a new form of lecturing, such as a lecture-dialogue, lectures on primary sources, author’s lectures and problematic lectures.

He also published a monograph “Dialogues on the international education of the individual” and brochures on the topics: “What is the friendship of peoples”, “New aspects of the friendship of peoples” and others. More than 40 scientific articles on various philosophical issues related to ethnicity, nationality, youth education and culture have been published in scientific journals of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Higher Attestation Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic. The total volume of printed works is more than 135 printed sheets. In recent years, he worked on his doctoral dissertation on the topic “Ontology of the ethnos and the phenomenology of the national.” Developed more than a thousand school textbooks based on new educational technologies. Developed an author’s project on reforming the school education system with the invitation of foreign scientists and teachers and the CIS countries. This project was published in the Slovo Kyrgyzstana newspaper in 2016.