Department of Directing and Acting

Since its opening on December 1, 1993, the Department of Directing and Acting has been training highly qualified directors and actors. For the first time, the department was headed by Candidate of Sciences in the field of art history, Honored Worker of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic, Professor Moldobaev Zh., the Honored Worker of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic, Professor Isabekov A. Zh., previously – by Esenaliev K. E.

Research work is gaining momentum, scientific communication is being established at the Institute of Philosophy and Political and Legal Studies at the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic by Specialty “Theory and History of Culture” (24000). The teachers of the Department are actively engaged in research work, most of them are scientific researchers and graduate students. The quantitatively growing composition of the Department from year to year contributes to a sharp increase in the overall volume and quality of methodological and research work.

The Department carries out its activities on the basis of a confirmed program of educational, methodological, research, educational and creative activities by the following specialties:

  • Drama theater and cinema actor, teacher;
  • Drama theater director, teacher;
  • Puppet theater actor, teacher;
  • Theater critic, teacher.

The specialty of a puppet theater actor opened in 2016, and the specialty of a theater scientist-in 2020.

During the study at the department, the main attention is focused to the staging of the play. The actor will have to work on himself/herself and on his role. Initiative and independence are required from the choice of literary material from the student to work on the improvement and improvement of professional skills. From the very first day, from the first step, teachers of the Department require students to have skills, patience and time.

Disciplines by the main specialties are: directing, acting, stage speech, art training, stage movement, stage rhythm, fencing, director’s work with actors, technology of making dolls, theater history, art history, drama, theory of acting, analysis of performance and drama, makeup, dance, plastic, musical and rhythmic education, acting teaching methods, the technique of puppet show, sound formation etc.

Every year, the teaching staff of the department purposefully works on educational and methodological support. Paying special attention to the methodological indications for the student’s independent work, they diligently work on the creation of educational and methodological complexes in the implementation of theoretical and practical work.

Students of the department take an active part in cultural events, national and international competitions, festivals, hold leading positions, receive certificates and diplomas. Graduates of the department successfully work in the field of theater, cinema, broadcasting, education and culture of the Republic.