Department of Television and Radio Directing

The Department of Television and Radio Directing named after Zhanuzak Moldobaev was founded in 2006. People’s Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic, Professor Moldoseit Mambetakunov invested a lot of effort and work in the implementation of the department. The Department of Directing TV and RV is the youngest department of the university. But, in a short time, she was able to produce good specialists for television and radio companies throughout the republic, such as a director, sound engineer, editor, designer, etc. The first head of the department was Moldoseit Mambetakunov, who worked at the State Television and Radio Company for more than 40 years.

When the department was just founded, the base was very weak. Although there was a clearly structured program, we suffered from a lack of equipment for training. But the teaching staff of that time put all their efforts into the development of the department.

The students of the department won prizes in the republican and international festivals and became an example for the next generation.

The teachers of the department do not go in cycles and are not limited by the curriculum, they are engaged in new forms of creativity, scientific work and restore international communication.