The theater faculty was opened in 2017. The faculty carries out educational, methodological, research, educational and creative activities in the following specialties based on the confirmed program of its activities:

  • Drama theater and cinema actor, teacher;
  • Drama theater director, teacher;
  • Puppet theater actor, teacher;
  • Theater critic, teacher.

In 1985, at the Faculty of Social and Cultural Activities a department was established to train theater groups and leaders of mass entertainment.

In 1993, the Faculty of Theater and Cinema was established which includes the following departments.

  • Drama and film actor;
  • Directing;
  • Cinema and television.

In 2014, the Faculty of Theater and Cinema became an independent Faculty of Telecommunications.

In 2017, the Department of Cinema entered the competence of the Faculty of Telecommunications, the name of the faculty is the Faculty of Theater and currently it cooperates with the Department of Directing and Acting.

Since 2007, Intina Saltanat Kimovna, the Honored Worker of Culture, Acting Docent, acts in the position of Acting Docent the Dean of the Faculty of Theater has worked as.