Connoisseur of folk language and cultural values

September 20, 2022 in the conference hall of the Kyrgyz State University of Culture and Arts. B. Beishenaliyeva, teachers of the department “Languages and Literature” held an event as conference dedicated to the Day of the State Language and the 110th anniversary of the birth of the great writer of the twentieth century, public figure, winner of the “Kyrgyz El baatyry” award Tugelbay Sydykbekov called “Connoisseur of folk language and cultural values”.

It was attended by employees of the department, vice-rector for creative and State language Makeeva K. T., 1st year students of the Faculty of Music. At the beginning the head of the Department of Languages and Literature, B. S. Chekeyeva, spoke about the adoption of the Law on the State Language, the positive and negative aspects of communication in the Kyrgyz language were discussed. Then acting Associate Professor of the Department of Languages  and Literature N. Ch. Chudobaeva made a report on the hero of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Kyrgyz folk writer Tugolbay Sydykbekov, who made a great contribution to the enrichment of the Kyrgyz language and the development of the prose genre of Kyrgyz literature. The work “Among the Mountains” by T. Sydykbekov, the history of the Kyrgyz people in 1920-1930, and the images of the characters in the novel were interpreted. The 1st year students of the department “Music and Singing” artistically recited poems in the Kyrgyz language, which aroused a sense of citizenship. The main purpose of the event was to promote the preservation and development of the State language.