October the 1st is International Day of the Elderly!

Dear veterans, teachers and employees! On behalf of the staff of the Kyrgyz State University of Culture and Arts named after B. Beishenalieva, please accept our heartfelt congratulations on the Day of the Elderly!

It’s good that there is such a holiday – the Day of the elderly. After all, age is a great storehouse of experience and wisdom. Every year on this day, we treat you, the older generations of our dear people, with great warmth.

We sincerely wish that, despite your age, your soul will always remain young and energetic. May each of you be gifted with understanding and respect for your daughters and sons, relatives, care and sincerity. May your years multiply, your health be strong, and the cheerful excitement of youth always lives in your hearts, not allowing your soul to be sad and depressed. May each new day bring good mood and excellent well-being and happy joyful meetings. We wish you endlessly long and happy years, full of blessings, peace, care, family warmth, prosperity and good health!