Department of General Piano

The subject “General Piano” was introduced immediately from the opening of the institute in 1967. It existed at first in the form of a section at the department of special. piano. The enrollment of students was then small and therefore the teachers were special. Piano classes were conducted in parallel with general piano lessons. This section was headed by Orlovskaya N.A. Gradually, the flow of students increased and there was a need to separate it into an independent department. Since March 1971, the section has grown into the Department of General Piano and Zhelobkov V. A. became its first head.

At different times at various stages, the department faced numerous tasks: requirements for academic concerts, development of programs for students of various specialties, methodological recommendations for certain works, promotion of ensemble playing, promotion of works by Kyrgyz composers.

Every year the work of the department is improved. Along with individual lessons, competitions, concerts, attestation auditions are held among students.

The teachers of the department take an active part in scientific research, methodological work, studying the problems of teaching the general piano course, focusing on the analysis of works.