Department of Musical Theoretical Disciplines

The Department of Musical Theoretical Disciplines was founded in September 1993 simultaneously with the division of the Institute. The two leading faculties of piano-theoretical and vocal-orchestra then moved to the conservatory.

A huge contribution to the formation and fruitful work of the department was made by: Honored Worker of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic, composer, Professor Roman Vladimir Mikhailovich. The general theoretical course was corrected and somewhat changed. Thus, the following disciplines are currently being taught by the department: music theory, solfeggio, harmony, analysis of musical works, instrumental science and historical disciplines of foreign, Russian, Soviet, Kyrgyz music. It should be noted that all these years, close attention has always been paid to the content of musical theoretical subjects in terms of method. This was caused by the opening of a pop specialty, traditional music and folklore, a teacher of music and singing, etc., where there are specific requirements for conducting, for example, a course in music theory, harmony, solfeggio, music history.

The teaching staff of the Department of Musical Theoretical Disciplines was formed by such strong highly qualified specialists, members of the Union of Composers of the Kyrgyz Republic, as the first head of the department Roman Vladimir Mikhailovich – composer, Honored Worker of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic, professor, author of the textbook “Kyrgyz Musical Literature”; Osmonov Satylgan Osmonovich – composer, People’s Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic, the first laureate of the A. Maldybaev International Prize, professor, author of the textbook “Solfeggio”; Duyshaliev Kamchybek Shamenovich – musicologist, doctor of art criticism, author of several textbooks and scientific articles, professor; Asanbaev Kenzhegazy Mambetovich – composer, honored worker of culture of the Kyrgyz Republic, professor; Subanaliev Sagynaly Subanalievich – musicologist, candidate of art criticism, professor; Murzabaev Asan – composer, honored worker of the Kyrgyz Republic, associate professor; Aitikeev Sovkhozbek Kozhomkulovich – composer, laureate of the International M. Abdraev Prize, editor of the Joint Repertoire and Editorial Colleague of the Ministry of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic.