Scientific activity

Educational and methodical work of teachers of KGUKI after B. Beishenalieva covers several areas: the preparation of textbooks, teaching aids, the development and approval of work programs, State educational standards, which were approved by the Academic Council of the KGUKI and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic in the specialties: “Social and cultural activity”, “Acting art”, “ Directing (by application), Cinematography, Sound Engineering (by application), Art Education, Choreography Pedagogy, Theater Studies, Film Studies, Literary Creativity, development and implementation of recommendations for optimization independent work of students, drawing up programs and educational and methodological complexes (TMC) in the disciplines, reviewing textbooks, articles and other products.

As part of the implementation of the KGUKI development strategy in 2020 and 2021 participated in the ranking of universities of the Kyrgyz Republic, conducted by the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR) in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. The purpose of participation of KGUKI in the independent ranking of universities of the Kyrgyz Republic is to assess the competitiveness of educational services, expand the attractiveness for employers, improve the image and efficiency of KSUAC, attract a large number of students, and demonstrate the dynamics of growth in the quality of educational programs.

In this ranking, KSUAC took first place among the universities of the Kyrgyz Republic that implement programs in the field of culture and art. Also, the first place was taken by the KSUAC programs “Socio-cultural activity”, “Acting art”, for which the corresponding certificates were received. In 2020, 20 teachers of KSAC entered the TOP-30 of the teaching staff rating, which is included in the ranking of universities of the Kyrgyz Republic (IAAR).

PPC KSUAC after B. Beishenalieva is formed in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic and has competent staff with professional experience to work with students. Teachers have full knowledge and understanding of the subject being taught, the necessary skills and experience to effectively transfer knowledge within the educational process, as well as to provide feedback on the quality of their teaching.

In the 2020-2021 academic year, KSUAC after B. Beishenalieva has successfully passed independent program accreditation in 7 areas and specialties.

Ensuring and raising the level of research activities is a strategic task for the development of KSUAC after B. Beishenalieva at the present stage. In accordance with the profile of the university, as well as the university’s research plan, most of the scientific research at KSUAC is carried out in the field of art and cultural sciences. The range of research conducted today at KSUAC is wide – from the history of art and culture, the economics of culture, the formation and development of art and culture, to the socio-cultural and humanities of Kyrgyzstan. Scientific and research work is carried out by teachers at the departments of the university, united by a single research topic: “Kyrgyz musical culture”, “Theatrical art”, “Social and cultural activity”, “Ethnophilosophy and art”.

Today, 5 doctors of sciences, 11 candidates of sciences successfully work at the university. Scientists of KSUAC participate in international, republican conferences, are published in leading scientific publications included in the RSCI, SCOPUS, etc.

Each teacher contributes to the development of the scientific potential of the department, passing various advanced training courses, publishing scientific articles, textbooks, participating in conferences and round tables on the problems of culture and art. 21 university lecturers are graduate students, applicants and are actively working on their dissertations.

KSUAC publishes the scientific journal “Bulletin of Culture and Art”. All published issues of the journal are available in the archive on the KSUAC website.

Students of KSUAC after B. Beishenalieva actively participate in research work. Every year, under the guidance of the faculty of the departments, scientific and practical conferences are held for students of faculties on various topics. Students often perform at international and republican festivals, competitions, symposiums, as a result of which many became winners, laureates and diplomas.

Since the Kyrgyz State University of Culture and Arts named after B. Beishenalieva, is a creative educational institution, the scientific activity of students is necessarily associated with creativity, so the creativity of students can be called an independent scientific and creative activity.

Every year, in order to raise the scientific and professional level of teachers and students at the university, in order to improve the integration of scientific research, theoretical, scientific and practical conferences, seminars, round tables, scientific research are held. Scientific and research work is carried out by teachers at the departments of the university, united by a single research topic: “Kyrgyz musical culture”, “Theatrical art”, “Social but – cultural activity”, “Ethno philosophy and art”.